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4R Specialty Cakes

Custom cakes & desserts by the 4R Bakery

From the team behind the 4R Bakery, 4R Specialty Cakes serves up the sweetest custom desserts for weddings, parties, and special events.

Based out of Winter Park Florida, 4R Specialty Cakes serves custom cakes and desserts to communities all throughout Florida, from Jacksonville to Miami and Daytona to Tampa Bay.

Let our award-winning pastry chefs help you create the perfect custom cake or dessert for your wedding, baby shower, baptism, graduation, birthday, or special event. Tap below for more information.


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4R Specialty Cakes custom wedding cakes in Orlando, Florida

Custom Wedding Cakes

Making Your Sweetest Dreams Come to Life

Who doesn’t love this part of wedding planning?

4R Specialty Cakes is here to help create the perfect customized cake for your wedding. With an extensive list of flavor offerings, fillings, frostings, and serving sizes, our talented pastry chefs can do it all.

Contact our team today to start creating your dream wedding cake that perfectly matches the theme and design of your wedding.


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4R Specialty Cakes themed cakes for graduations, birthdays, baptisms, and more

Themed Cakes

A beautiful cake for every occasion

With 4R Specialty Cakes themed cakes, it’s easy to bring any celebration to life.

From baby showers and graduation parties to baptisms and birthday parties, it’s easy to find the perfect cake for any special gathering.


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4R Specialty Cakes signature cakes made by the 4R Bakery

Signature Cakes

The Cakes You’ve Come to Know and Love from the 4R Bakery

Our 4R Specialty Cakes team has made some delicious creations over the years in the 4R Bakery.

From our Quintessential Chocolate Cake to our classic Carrot Cake, our signature cake offerings highlight the best of the best from the 4R Bakery.

Bring one of your 4R Bakery favorites home today by contacting our team. Got a favorite not listed on our current offerings? We’d be glad to make one special just for you.

Tap below to see our offerings and to contact one of our talented 4R Bakery pastry chefs.


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4R Specialty Cakes custom desserts and confections

Custom Desserts & Confections

Custom Cupcakes, Cookies, Pies, Dessert Bars, & More

Our team at 4R Specialty Cakes can also create tons of custom confections, beyond cakes, perfect for any gathering.

Check out our 4R Specialty Cakes Catering Menu to see our full list of dessert packages and offerings, including dessert bars (such as brownies, Bayou bars, and Hello Dolly bars), mini cupcakes, pies, pie shots, pop tarts, dipped Oreos, cake balls, mini cookies, cake shots, and more.

Questions? Our expert pastry chefs would be happy to walk you through our extensive list of custom dessert offerings to help make your next special event a little sweeter.


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