Groceries 4R You

Groceries 4R You

Get the groceries you need without having to go to the supermarket.

Get Groceries To Go at 4 Rivers

Finding certain items in the grocery store right now can be quite challenging. 4 Rivers is here to help make things a little easier on everyone by offering “Groceries 4R You”!

“Groceries 4R You” was created so you can pick up the items you need at home on your next trip to the Smokehouse. Scroll down to see a complete list of our current offerings. Items are available while supplies last. Limited quantities per guest for some itemns

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Paper Products

4-Pack Paper Towels (Limit two packs per guest)—$7.99

4-Pack Toilet Paper (Limit two packs per guest)—$4.99

125 Styrofoam Plates—$9.99


Ground Beef (1lb)—$4.99

Jumbo Chicken Breast (2 pieces)—$4.99

Half Chicken—$4.99



Black Beans (1qt, 4 servings)—$2.99

White Rice (1qt, 8 servings)—$1.50


Eggs (1/2 dozen)—$2.50

Whole Milk (Gallon)—$5.99

Almond Milk, Unsweetened—$3.99 (Half-gallon)

Build Your Own 6-Pack




Niagara Bottled Water (40 pk)—$10


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