2018 Orlando Magazine Dining Awards – Best BBQ & Ribs

May 2, 2018

2018 Orlando Magazine Dining Awards – Best BBQ & Ribs

2018 Orlando Magazine Dining Awards

Readers’ Choice: “Best BBQ” & “Best Ribs

The votes have been cast and the Greater Orlando Area has spoken. 4 Rivers Smokehouse has won not one, but two awards in this year’s 2018 Orlando Magazine Dining Awards. The readers of the magazine selected 4 Rivers Smokehouse for the “Best BBQ Award” for their overall ability to smoke, grill, and serve the tastiest meaty treats the Orlando area has to offer. It’s hard to say whether it was the Sliced Pork, Burnt-Ends, Pulled Chicken, or Signature Angus Brisket that won the hearts of so many readers. Or maybe it was the ribs since 4R Smokehouse was also honored with the crown for “Best Ribs” in town. 4 Rivers ribs come two ways. You can have the St. Louis Ribs made from smoked pork and finished on the grill with house made rib sauce. Or if you’re feeling bold try the Brontosaurus Beef Rib, a giant-sized beef rib that’s slow smoked and served piping hot. 4 Rivers Rib game is as versatile as it is delicious, and now you can add “award-winning” to that description. Perhaps that’s why besides awards 4R has won over the hearts and bellies of so many Floridians and visitors to “The City Beautiful.” 4 Rivers graciously accepts these honors and will keep pumping out the Best BBQ in Orlando as long as people keep lining up at the counter. And as the 4 Rivers brand spreads throughout the southeast the satisfied customers will hopefully keep casting their ballots and keep 4R on top of the world.

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