October 25, 2019

Holy smokehouse! 4 Rivers announces vegan option: Beyond Burnt Ends

4 Rivers Beyond Burnt Ends

Plant-based bomb-dropping is officially an epidemic as 4 Rivers Smokehouse has announced the addition of “Beyond Burnt Ends” — an entirely vegan option — to its menu.

4 Rivers Founder and CEO John Rivers and his team worked hard to find something to satisfy their guests, whether they are wholly plant-based diners or folks looking for alternatives.

“It was important to create something that looked, smelled and tasted like its meat-based cousin,” said Rivers. “We tested jackfruit pulled pork, black bean burgers and vegan sausages, however none were necessarily unique. In the end we chose burnt ends due to its popularity on our menu, and because it’s something we’ve not seen offered as a plant-based option.”

“Beyond Burnt Ends” will launch in all Central Florida locations on Nov. 4, but those dying for a taste might snag one at the Winter Park location, where its currently being tested. Samples, however, will only be sporadically available.

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