4 Rivers Smokehouse Serving up Summer Fun

May 24, 2018

4 Rivers Smokehouse Serving up Summer Fun

4 Rivers Smokehouse will be celebrating summer with new dishes that go beyond its Texas-style barbecue.

The limited-time dishes will be available at all 4 Rivers locations except the downtown Orlando spot.

The menu includes a set of barbacoa bowls, which layer rice, black beans, salsa verde, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole, queso fresco and cilantro with a choice of four proteins. Guests can choose from beef barbacoa made from the restaurant’s smoked brisket, chicken tinga, black beans, and Nana’s pork sofrito

The story behind Nana’s pork sofrito persuaded me to try a bite of the tender, saucy meat. It came from a recipe shared by the grandmother of a friend of 4 Rivers founder John Rivers. Like all good family recipes, the ingredients weren’t originally measured or even written down — so it required a demonstration from the family.

All of the bowls will be available from June 4-Aug. 4.

New sweets will also be available: a Mountain Dew and Doritos cupcake in June and a Coca-Cola and potato chip cupcake in July.


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