America’s 9 Essential Barbecue Restaurants

March 23, 2018

America’s 9 Essential Barbecue Restaurants

4 Rivers Smokehouse may be a relatively new addition a to the barbecue scene, with its first Winter Park, Florida, location opening in 2009. Since then, though, this brisket-focused powerhouse has taken the barbecue world by storm, with lines out the door and accolades galore, including being featured at both the South Beach Wine & Food Festival and the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival.

The group has seen tremendous growth in less than a decade, with 15 family-owned locations spread throughout Florida. But they also take advantage of other channels to spread their barbecue gospel, including a 4 Rivers food truck, and third-party managed outlets at several stadiums and student unions. Their business model is based on fast-casual, with a focus on streamlining the guest experience through multiple ordering channels, including online, through their app, and in person.

4 Rivers has also built its brand through their food manufacturing division, which distributes their signature smoked meats through Sysco and US Foods throughout the country, in addition to their retails line of sauces, rubs, and more at grocery stores.


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