Cooking with King: John Rivers from 4Rivers

February 22, 2018

Cooking with King: John Rivers from 4Rivers

4 Rivers Smokehouse founder John Rivers was welcomed to the Orlando Fox News affiliate for a cooking segment recently entitled “Cooking with the King.” The Pitmaster was honored to join the hosts and show them a thing or two about serving up some of Orlando’s Best BBQ. “I’d like to say, Fred Flintstone called, and he’d like his meat back,” one of the hosts joked jovially when laying eyes on the monstrous cut of meat Rivers was about to prepare. On the menu for the day was the “Tomahawk Prime Rib” which happens to be one of the chef’s favorite dishes to prepare. Known as the “tomahawk” because of the large bone protruding from the side, Rivers expertly seasons the thick slab of meat with salt, pepper, and an aromatic coffee rub with sweet brown sugar before putting it on the heat at a whopping 700 degrees. Finished off in a pan with melted butter and sliced onions, the dish ended up looking juicy and delicious with a beautiful black crust on the outside. The hosts waited anxiously for Rivers to slice into the expertly cooked piece of meat and hilariously even began chanting his name to encourage the process along. Rivers gave one final tip before letting everyone dig in. The Pitmaster said, “Remember that the meat is going to continue to cook for about ten minutes after it comes off the grill. So you wanna take it off and you want to let it sit. It’s called resting.” But it seems that Rivers himself won’t have time for resting any time soon. He’ll be too busy smoking and grilling the best barbeque Orlando has to offer.

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