Culinary Spotlight: A Baker’s Dozen

March 29, 2018

Culinary Spotlight: A Baker’s Dozen

Meet 13 women who bring incredible talent to a part of the O-town table that is dominated by men no more.

Andrea Zelen, director of bakery operations at 4 Rivers Smokehouse, has had a direct effect on the local baking community in her previous role as department chair and pastry lead instructor at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. She was the first woman to hold a lead instructor position at the college and led the education of many of her fellow bakers.

“Personality traits that make for a good baker—attention to detail, patience, level of concentration—tend to be female. The pastry brain and the culinary brain are very different. Savory chefs like the last-minute rush, where things have gone wrong and you can still throw something in to rescue the dish. Bakers have to experiment before it goes in the oven. As women, we live our whole lives that way, we plan our adventures, we make lists. When I first started it was very different, I definitely felt like a woman in the kitchen. But it made me who I am, a better chef, because I became stronger. Now it’s much more accepted; at 4 Rivers I’m just another person in a kitchen.”

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