National Brisket Day with 4 Rivers

May 28, 2018

National Brisket Day with 4 Rivers

4 Rivers Smokehouse Locations

John Rivers was serving up more than just delicious smells on Fox 35 News for National Brisket Day. The Pitmaster himself made an appearance in their Lake Mary studio, just minutes from the 4 Rivers Longwood location, to divulge some of his best slow smoking secrets. From starting with a good, quality piece of meat, properly aging the cut, and his low and slowsmoking technique, Rivers dishes how to make his top-notch brisket. The Pitmaster even gives some helpful hints and tips about smoking meats at home, including what type of smoker may be best for anything from your backyard BBQ to the neighborhood block party.

“The secret about smoking is you have to maintain that constant temperature. And the more variation you have in that the harder it is to get a consistent product….” the 4 Rivers’ founder explains. And if 4 Rivers barbecue is known for anything it’s their consistency. Whether it’s at any of the many 13 Florida locations, or the location in Atlanta, Georgia, one can expect the same succulent dishes made from the same time-tested 4 Rivers barbeque recipes.

At the Fox 35 Studio, John Rivers also took the time to announce some exciting new BBQ dishes just in time for summer. After traveling to Mexico and being inspired by the regional dishes, the 4 Rivers founder imagined up a delicious take on Barbacoa Bowls. Whether you’re interested in the Brisket Barbacoa, the Chicken Tinga, or Sofrito Pork the mouth-watering dishes will satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Wrapping up the interview, Rivers explained his inspiring backstory. Originally working in healthcare, the then amateur cook was helping raise money for a fundraiser for a sick child. After feeding the staggering amount of attendees, and receiving rave reviews, his passion was ignited. “It reminded me of what I loved to do was cook, and to serve other people with it,” Rivers told the hosts. And that’s exactly what 4 Rivers continues to do. Serving up delicious food and also serving the community.

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