Orlando Sentinel – 4 Rivers Smokehouse Kissimmee Opens

August 19, 2016

Orlando Sentinel – 4 Rivers Smokehouse Kissimmee Opens

“Central Florida Food Minute: 4 Rivers Smokehouse Kissimmee Opens”

“Orlando Sentinel restaurant and food writers Kyle Arnold and Lauren Delgado talk North Quarter Market, 4 Rivers Smokehouse Kissimmee and Marlowe’s Tavern.”

This week the Orlando Sentinel featured the new 4 Rivers Smokehouse Kissimmee location on its Central Florida Food Minute segment. Food writers Kyle Arnold and Lauren Delgado spoke highly of the chain and its first location in that neck of the woods. “Mr. Rivers must be very busy,” Delgado said as the slideshow of delicious 4 Rivers food scrolled across the screen. The pictures showcased happy customers digging in to the meaty, smoky goodness for which the restaurant has become so well known. “I haven’t heard anything about any other new locations in Central Florida,” Delgado continued. “But he’s actually opening up something in Atlanta and in Coral Springs as well.” The hosts then shook their heads in disbelief. “Man, he gets a lot done in his day apparently. More than I ever could,” she finished. And what she said is true. John Rivers does get a lot done in a day. The Pitmaster is working hard to spread his brand of de-regionalized barbeque all throughout central Florida. What started as a single Orlando BBQ spot is now expanding all throughout the state. And as Delgado mentioned, 4 Rivers Smokehouse will soon be crossing state lines as well. But before those other locations see their first hungry customers, you can line up at 4 Rivers Kissimmee for a heaping helping of greater Orlando’s best barbecue. And while you’re there, make sure not to forget the delectable homemade sides and out of this world desserts made by 4 Rivers’ own The Sweet Shop.

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