Southern Living | South’s Best 2017

March 14, 2017

Southern Living | South’s Best 2017

“The South’s Best Barbecue Joints 2017”

“Barbecue: one word can split the South apart or bring it together. Internally we may squabble over the inherent righteousness of our preferred style, whether it be the mustard-based sauce of the Carolinas or Alabama’s anomalous white sauce.

But if an attack comes from the outside, perhaps a Northerner skeptical of the lines for Aaron Franklin’s brisket in Austin or the crowds in the basement of Memphis’ Rendezvous waiting for those legendary dry-rubbed ribs, we join arms in defense as Barbecue nation.

Arguing about our favorite BBQ spots is a Southern pastime. This list of winners is sure to add fuel to the fire. – Southern Living Magazine”

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4 Rivers Smokehouse Locations

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