March 21, 2018

Southern Living Names 4 Rivers Smokehouse Best BBQ Joint in Florida

The South’s Best BBQ Joint in Every State 2018

Is there any food that Southerner’s are pickier about than barbecue? We don’t think so. Try putting North Carolina dip on Texas brisket, and both states will come after you. It’s just not done. And don’t suggest any sauce at all to the dry-rib crowd. When it comes to our ’cue of choice, Southerners aren’t just opinionated—we’re downright fanatical. So our editors knew we were opening the floodgates when we invited readers to pick the South’s best. We also knew we had better give states across the region a chance to spotlight their favorites. And here’s what we learned: The winners not only deliver succulent, smoky barbecue but also have some of the best names you’ll ever see on a place of business, from Fat Pete’s and Oklahoma Joe’s to Maurice’s Piggie Park and The Salt Lick. Ready to hit the road? Tie on your plastic bib, break out the paper napkins, and follow us to the smoke. From Southern Soul to Lexington, here, the best barbecue joints in every state.

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4 Rivers Smokehouse Locations