Thrillist — 11 Legit BBQ Chains You Should Get Excited About

May 15, 2019

Thrillist — 11 Legit BBQ Chains You Should Get Excited About

Floridian John Rivers fell in love in Texas, both with his wife and with brisket. He’d spend years trying to perfect the latter in his garage (the former, we’re sure, was already perfect), where he started a “Barbecue Ministry” to help support a local girl’s battle with cancer. Five years later, Rivers was drawing huge lines for his juicy, bark-covered meats, going from guy in a garage to local legend faster than you can say Aaron Franklin (provided you speak really, really, really slowly). Now with 14 locations, the garage days are far behind 4 Rivers, but the brisket remains on point, still taking a solid 18-minute sauna in the smoker, resulting in juicy meat and explosive burnt ends. The chain also offers up a great tri-tip with housemade chimichurri, succulent smoked chicken that pairs great with Alabama-style white sauce, and spot-on ribs. Not bad for a dude who spent half his life in healthcare before firing up the smoker. And in case you were wondering, the whole Barbecue Ministry thing still holds water: The place remains committed to helping others beyond simply helping them get the meat sweats.

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