TODAY Show - Chips & Soda

November 28, 2011


We Americans have an affinity for all things sweet and all things greasy and Chef John Rivers has combined these both with his favorite guilty pleasures: chips and soda. He discusses his love of dishes that “mix the sweet and savory” and how much he enjoys devising recipes of this sort. He current cupcake concoctions include Coke & Potato Chip, Mountain Dew & Dorito, Cheerwine, and Nehi Grape Soda. He’s also currently searching for a way to build a Fritos cupcakes saying, “The trick is that I really gotta find something not so sweet.” The article also includes some tips on how to experiment with your own chips and soda cupcakes, so if you’re feeling bold in kitchen you might wanna come up with a recipe of your own!


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