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With more than 10 years of catering expertise, it’s easy to say that our team at 4 Rivers excels at creating unforgettable wedding experiences. With extensive menu offerings, customizable wedding packages, and hands-on catering specialists who care, we’re honored to be one of the most sought-after wedding caterers in our great state of Florida.

Because of the high volume of weddings that 4 Rivers caters every year, we’re excited to share that we’ve launched a full-service wedding division called Weddings by 4 Rivers, which offers a more hands-on approach to planning a wedding.

With 4 Rivers Smokehouse locations from Tallahassee to Coral Springs, Daytona Beach to Tampa Bay, 4 Rivers can cater weddings just about anywhere in Florida.

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Weddings by 4 Rivers

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4 Rivers wedding catering services


Wedding Services


4 Rivers Wedding Catering offers clients the complete full-service experience, catering to all types of wedding events from wedding receptions to rehearsal dinners to bridal showers and more. Our team is here to make planning easy, so you don’t have to stress the little details. We’ll take care of everything!

4 Rivers Wedding Catering service events typically include:

Wedding Receptions

Rehearsal Dinners

Engagement Parties

& Bridal Showers


Service Options


4 Rivers offers many different service styles and packages, so you can fulfill your exact needs.

We do everything from bartending and champagne toasts to dinner service and custom wedding cakes (fulfilled by our award-winning pastry chefs at 4R Specialty Cakes). We can also serve your guests to meet your exact needs including passed, plated, or family-style offerings.

Customize your menu by adding a 4 Rivers action station! Our most popular offering, of course, is our Signature Angus Brisket Carving Station, but we also feature taco bars, dessert bars, or even crawfish boils. Whatever your need, 4 Rivers can make it happen.

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4R Specialty Cakes, custom wedding cakes by 4 Rivers


4R Specialty Cakes



Custom Wedding and Themed Cakes by 4 Rivers


4R Specialty Cakes was created to make your sweetest dreams come to life. From custom wedding cakes and birthday cakes to pies and wedding dessert packages, our award-winning pastry chefs can do it all.

No cake dream is too big or too small. Our pastry chefs love to be challenged and will help you create a delicious masterpiece perfect for your wedding or special event.

4R Specialty Cakes is based out of Orlando, Florida, but can deliver custom wedding cakes to many venues across the state of Florida.

Tap below to see pictures of some custom wedding cakes we’re really proud of or to get in touch with our team at 4R Specialty Cakes.


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