We are thrilled to announce that our Smokehouses have just switched to all-new earth-friendly packaging!

This exciting change will have a great impact on us, the community, and the environment as we continue to make an intentional effort to respect our planet. At 4R, we have always been environmentally conscious, with recyclable to-go bags, paper cups, recyclable takeout containers, and composting areas featured in several locations.

We have a long-standing relationship with several local farmers, supplying the produce we use in our restaurants. Our corn is locally sourced from RC Hatton Farms in Panhokke FL, and our tomatoes are from Lipman Produce in Immokalee, FL, Lettuce is from Kalera, and our onions, peppers, and cabbage are from Pexco in Plant City FL. 

Our efforts beyond the Smokehouse are culminating with the creation and current construction of the 4 Roots Farm Campus. The 40-acre Urban Farm and Educational Facility is well on its way to being a centerpiece for sustainable farming in the state of Florida and beyond. The fully constructed greenhouse is self-sustainable in growing organic produce for guests, restaurant partners, and donation recipients.

There is so much more in store! Check out the 4 Roots website for more information: https://4rootsfarm.org

Thank you for participating in these changes with us as we continue to strive to take care of our earth.