4 Rivers Messy Pig Platter

By: Robert Moss

This year our readers’ picks for the South’s Best BBQ Joints brought a few surprises. Four restaurants that made it onto the list this time around, and for the first time since 2017 there’s a new name in the top slot. Barbecue fans may quibble with the order or protest an omission or two—we would expect nothing less!—but taken as a whole, it’s a solid sampler of top-notch barbecue, and one that’s bound to make you hungry.

In just a decade, 4 Rivers Smokehouse has grown from a single restaurant in Winter Park into a 15-location Florida barbecue empire. Now it’s our readers’ pick for the best barbecue joint in the South. Slow-smoked brisket anchors a broad menu that covers everything from Memphis-style pulled pork to California tri-tip. 4 Rivers recently added plant-based “Beyond Burnt Ends”, too.

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