We would like to use this International Women’s Day to shout out some of the many wonderfully talented, hardworking, amazing ladies we have working in our Smokehouses and Restaurant Group.

“Jaqui, Cara, and Morgan are just outstanding at running the Kissimmee Smokehouse. Cara with 13 years with the company as the service manager, Morgan with 6 years as the GM, and Jacqui 6 years as the shift leader.” – Guillermo Soto, Tallahassee Smokehouse Manager
“Rachael and Sarah opened our SODO location and always do a fantastic job!” – Guillermo Soto, Tallahassee Smokehouse Manager
“This crew has a combined 75 years of 4R sweets making! They do everything from packing and shipping to baking, decorating, cake making, cookie icing, and guest service.” – Jenny Hebert, Executive Pastry Chef at 4R Specialty Cakes & 4R Bakery

Ashlee Reiter, Alicia Cullinane, Jenny Rice, Josh Shackleford (current Kitchen Manager)

“The incredible ladies of our Daytona Smokehouse manage all of 4R/OneDaytona events and relationships. Coordinate catering and dining room events and run the day-to-day operations of the Smokehouse, alongside Josh.” – Courtney Banfield, Senior Marketing Manager
Ashlee Reiter (Service Manager), Jenny Rice (General Manager), Alicia Cullinane (Catering coordinator/Shift Lead) Robert Horrocks (previous Kitchen Manager)
“Kelsi Mays is a young woman who has grown up in the smokehouse. She started as a dining room attendant at the age of 16. Kelsi has grown in so many ways right in front of my eyes. Kelsi was a fierce competitor as a softball player in High School. She uses that same intensity to run one of our busiest catering units in the company as Assistant General Manager. Her playful demeanor brightens up everyone’s day and she makes work fun but will also use her leadership skills to keep the shift running efficiently and productively.” – Kevin Jarvis, North Tampa Area Manager
“A wife and mother of three. Heidi Owens is a wonder woman doing it all for her family, friends, church, and 4 Rivers. As Catering Sales Manager, Heidi creates amazing events for our clients by taking the time to get to know them so she can deliver the best experience. Heidi has won Catering Sales Manager of the Year two years in a row by never backing down from a challenge or giving in to an obstacle.” – Kevin Jarvis, North Tampa Area Manager
“Meghann Ainsworth is an avid tennis player and has a passion for her two dogs. Meghann gives it her all on the tennis court and in the smokehouse. As Assistant General Manager of our Gainesville location, she has always put the guest at the forefront of her mind to ensure the best dining experience. Her team is very supportive of her and the success of the smokehouse.” – Kevin Jarvis, North Tampa Area Manager
“Jenny Byrnes is a mother and wife who still finds time to create new business by networking with potential clients. Jenny strives to make every client feel special. She is beloved by all who work with her. Jenny always gives that extra effort to make your experience special. Whether it’s bringing coffee and snacks to the team or driving across town to get a client something they need.” – Kevin Jarvis, North Tampa Area Manager

Thank You For All That You Do!

Happy International Women’s Day!