Courtesy of 4 Rivers On The Road

Give your Dad the ultimate Father’s Day this year by giving him the gift of quality time and quality BBQ. With 4 Rivers on the Road, you can now enjoy the classic flavors of 4 Rivers delivered straight to your doorstep, anywhere in the nation. Host a movie night with your Pop, we have paired these classic movies with some of our classic BBQ dishes to make the day unforgettable.

Pairings to make your Father’s Day movie night a hit:

Gift: Rack of St. Louis Ribs

Movie: Jurassic Park 

Why your dad will love it:

Take it back to the basics and get a little primal. An adventure 65 million years in the making, our ribs are smoked until tender and falling off the bone. Our big and bold Smokehouse flavors are a perfect match for intense dinosaur chase scenes. Let your dad live out his Alan Grant dreams as he quotes the entire movie while you’re watching it. It is his day after all.

Gift:  The Sampler

Movie: The Godfather

Why your dad will love it:

Make your dad an offer that he can’t refuse by giving him one of everything with The Sampler. Enjoy this epic feast while watching The Godfather. The Sampler is kind of like the Godfather of all of our packages as it includes Brisket, Ribs, and Pulled Pork. Revenge is a dish best served cold, but our BBQ is best enjoyed hot and ready with the fam.

Gift: Smoked Pork and Beef Sausages

Movie: Caddyshack

Why your dad will love it:

What better way to celebrate dad jokes than with your dad’s favorite comedy, Caddyshack? Sausages are the perfect laid-back vibe to pair with this classic movie. They are easy to prepare and easy to share, whether celebrating at home or on the golf course. Your dad is sure to love it, making this Father’s Day a Cinderella story, outta nowhere!

Gift: The Pitmaster Pro

Movie:  Indiana Jones 

Why your dad will love it: 

            The Pitmaster Pro will give your dad a sense of adventure and excitement as he embarks on his own BBQ journey with Brisket, 4R Signatures sauces and rubs, and The Southern Cowboy Cookbook. Of course, nothing says adventure like Indiana Jones. Let Dad’s Pitmaster experience shine and he discovers new flavors and techniques to create his signature BBQ style that will be so incredible it will make you say, “This belongs in a museum!”

With 4 Rivers on the Road, you can create an unforgettable Father’s Day by pairing the best of 4R BBQ and Dad’s favorite movies. Whether you keep it simple with Sausages or embark on a Brisket journey, give the gift of a memorable experience with the help of 4 Rivers. 

We can ship to anywhere in the nation, straight to you today!

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