The Absolute Best BBQ Restaurants In The US

As named on Tasting Table

Orlando, Florida, is one of the country’s hot spots for tourist attractions. The city brought in over 75 million people in pre-pandemic times (via the Orlando Sentinel). So, where do all these hungry folks go to eat after a long day of schlepping around Disneyworld? If barbecue is your thing (it is), then you head straight to 4 Rivers Smokehouse. Any and all amusement-park appetites are immediately put to bed here. 4 Rivers Smokehouse is like a magic kingdom made from food, and there are rides of every size. A huge menu consists of barbacoa bowls, glistening cuts of Angus brisket, and a variety of sandwiches, like the Burnt Ends Melt (provolone, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions). According to the Tampa Bay Times, cattle farming owes its beginnings to Florida, the nation’s first ranching state starting in 1521. Today, Orlando’s 4 Rivers Smokehouse is the perfect ending to a fun-filled afternoon.

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