4R Original Turkey Jerky

At 4 Rivers, we’ve been in the meat and barbecue business for a long, long time. We know barbecue, and we also know just how the right piece of meat can turn a simple snack into something so much more. With 4 Rivers Original Turkey Jerky, a healthy, delicious snack chock-full of protein is the new norm. Snack right with 4 Rivers.

The 4 Rivers Original Turkey Jerky is the beef jerky you never knew you needed. Professionally crafted, this keto snack is cured with a clean cure for 5 days and is smoked and dried for 6.5 hours, leaving a dark smoky color with a delicious smoky flavor and touch of sweet. There’s no turkey jerky like a 100% hardwood-smoked turkey jerky, and there’s no snack like a 4 Rivers snack. REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING to maintain freshness and flavor.